JBL Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL has been in the sound industry for a long time. Recently JBL entered the Bluetooth speaker world and has impressed with their products. The latest Bluetooth speaker launched by JBL is the Pulse. A very unique design that really inspires your party spirit when you rock to tunes and have a visual experience to go along with it. We would say the pulse is one of the top ten bluetooth speakers released this year.

Design and Features:


The JBL Pulse is a can shaped speaker kind of like an energy drink. The speaker has a dimension of 7.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches and a weight of only 1.1 pounds. The speaker can be placed vertically and horizontally. The main controls are located on the “top” of the speaker and this is where you will find your volume, Bluetooth pairing, light and power buttons. Also there are two rows of color and intensity buttons for manual control of the pulses lighting effects. Additionally the there is the light button which presets up to 5 different light effect shows. The speaker has a rubberized bottom so the speaker can be placed flat. On the bottom of the speaker you will find a micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm aux input.


The JBL Pulse is a quality built speaker. The speaker feels really good in the hand. Wrapped with a metal grille which makes the colors pop out and look pixelated. The Top and bottom are a mix of rubberized plastic and regular plastic. When the speaker is turned on you get greeted with a light show. The speaker is fairly tech savvy packed with 72 individual LEDS inside the Pulse. The Pulse only comes in a black color. The speaker runs on Bluetooth 2.0 technology with NFC so you can use it with any Bluetooth smart device. The battery life runs for about 10 hours which is pretty great considering the amount of tech this speaker has going on.

JBL has also introduced an app called “JBL music flow” for IOS and “JBL Music” for Android. In this app you can create your own preset color themes for your pulse and play around with various effects which we found is the easiest way to customize the color options to your preference.

Sound Quality:

The JBL Pulse produces its big sound from two 40mm drivers and a customer tuned bass port to provide loud and punchy sound.

The Sound from the JBL was Loud and powerful and also very balanced. Sound wise we thought there was enough bass, a Clear and punchy mid-range, and fairly crisp higher frequencies. At some of the highest volume levels there was a bit of distortion especially when you play hard rock or even a classical orchestration of some sort you can kind of hear a bit of “fuzz”. The Bose SoundLink Mini for example definitely has some better clarity when it comes to the upper registers and can handle top volume. The JBL Pulse is definitely powerful enough to fill a small to medium room.

The JBL Pulse is a unique addition to the Bluetooth speaker market providing a solid audio experience and also providing a quality visual experience which is a first in the Bluetooth speaker market.

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